Accessories Standard Probes

Ground Lead 22cm

Order number20010

Hook Clip pluggable

Order number20020

Probe Tip

Order number20030

Protective Cap normal

Order number20040

Protective Cap IC

Order number20050

BNC Adapter normal

Order number20060

Trimmer Tools

Order number20070

Accessory Set 7 pieces

Order number20100

Ground Lead 11cm

Order number20011

Probe Tips Set of 2

Order number20030-2

BNC Adapter for x100 / 2,5 V

Order number20061

Adapter 4mm FLEX

Order number21012

Adapter 2mm FLEX

Order number21013

Hook Clip screwable

Order number21020

Mini Grabber screwable

Order number21040

Ground Spring

Order number21070

Micro IC Clip - Probe Tip Connection red

Order number21080

Micro IC Clip - Ground Connection black

Order number21081

Micro IC Clip - Double Set red and black

Order number21083

Accessories Differential Probes 7000 Series

TT-SI NT7 - Power Supply

Order number15163
Cable Length190 cm

TT-SI GR2 - Grabber Red and Black

Order number15104


Order number15164


Order number15165

Accessories Series TT-HF 600

27-piece accessory set for probe series TT-HF 600

Order number21071

Dual adapter and 2 mini test clips for probe series TT-HF 600

Order number21072

10 pieces fixed probe tips for probe series TT-HF 600

Order number21073

5 pieces of spring-loaded probe tips for probe series TT-HF 600

Order number21074

Accessories Current Probes

TT-CC-NT - Power Supply

Order number15340
Cable Length190 cm

TT-CC-B100 - finger-safe Test Lead BNC/BNC

Order number15341
Cable Length100 cm

TT-CC-MA - finger-safe Test Adapter BNC/4 mm plug

Order number15343

TT-CC-HC - Hardcase

Order number15342
Dimensions (B x T x H)340 mm x 280 mm x 80 mm

BNC Test Leads RG58

BNC Test Leads RG58

Cable Length0,25m, 0,5m, 1m, 2m, 3m,
4m, 5m, 10m
Coloursblack, red, blue
Order numberXXXXXX

Others on request.

All specifications and characteristics are subject to change without notice.